US EAST: Making it Right

This is the most challenging time of your career. And it is the most important. We have funds from the MDA lawsuit that we have in escrow. Those funds are maintained by our treasurer and were collected under the retainer agreement. That agreement stated that the decision as to what to do with those funds will be made by majority rule as put forth in the icontact survey vote. We have done that and nearly everyone voted to use the funds. Therefore we will do that.

However, we are now a part of a much larger funding effort that involves a special website with a PayPal link. This is because this is no longer just an MDA fight. It impacts all of the East and they will need to share in the effort to put a stop to this. If you are a CEL then it is a no brainer. Your career is under attack and unless we change the game plan, you WILL LOSE. The MDA pilots are also under attack and are in serious trouble. To a lesser degree, all East pilots are going to be harmed. APA is in the process of failing in their duty to fairly represent.

After speaking with the 'authorities' I have been 100% convinced that APA is involved in a DFR. Our attorney has a plan to Make Things Right. We all need to get behind his effort in whatever way he needs us to. And that, of course, includes funding.

Our treasurer will no longer need to maintain records of your payments. This responsibility is switching to the larger group effort using PayPal.

Several people have already pledged $500 and a few have pledged $1000. But as an ongoing effort I think it is fair to plan and budget for $100 per month. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what your career is worth.

Obviously those who are no longer with USAirways have no horse in the race and are not expected to contribute. But the rest of us need to contribute as much as you can.

The great news is that we have enough funds already collected to land a DFR lawsuit smack on target. The master plan includes much more than a DFR. Some of it will be release in Blind Emails as our attorney allows.

IMPORTANT:  The website and the link to the PayPal account will not be published here. It will be released in a confidential blind email in the very near future. Look for it and keep the information safeguarded.