US EAST: Making it Right

The good news is that our bite is far bigger than our bark. We have been reasonable and willing to work with APA on a fair and equitable seniority list proposal. But their position is that MDA was a wholly owned carrier and the East should get the NIC. Our attorneys are moving in the right direction. We all hope APA and AA understand where they went wrong and fix the problem. If not, we are prepared for the court battle.  APA has recently stated, 'But we are on your side' and 'We are on the same team'. While they say that their actions are exactly the opposite. The 6 month Statute of Limitations is approaching and it is important to not allow that to impede our rights to secure proper integration. Almost every one of you feels that APA is treating you poorly at their benefit. Just look at what they've done. Join the battle to fix the injustice.

Their track record isn't good. The shareholders have got to be getting tired. The lawsuit will make the media quite happy because they love this kind of stuff. But I hate it and I hate what APA and AWA have done and are doing. Our only option right now is to fight back hard in the courts. You will be kept informed but probably be kept a little behind the timeline due to confidentiality in some areas.

It is important to understand that this is not another MDA lawsuit. This is a battle for the East Pilot Group. The laws that are applicable are the Protocol Agreement, Status Quo, MOU and Letter G violation. Violation of these laws and agreements will harm all of us in a major way. It's time to make it right.