US EAST: Making it Right

There should be absolutely NOONE reading this that still believes MDA was not USAirways. There are many who wish it were not so. But the simple truth is that MDA was USAirways. It used USAirways Part 121. The Feds stated it was USAirways. The IRS stated it was USAirways. The FEIN Number was a USAirways number, Our ALPA cards said ACTIVE AAA MEMBER. Our pay came from USAirways. Our benefits came from USAirways. An MDA Pilots served for 2 terms as an ALPA LEC Member at USAirways. Pete Test's medical disability was denied because he was ruled a USAirways pilot. MDA pilots were designated as FAA designees at USAirways mainline (Tony Pretty). All check airmen at MDA were provided mainline USAirways schooling and certificate and mainline check airmen IDs. Mainline furlough pay stopped on the day that an APL pilot began working at MDA. The ruling was that you can't work for the same company (in the same job), who is paying you furlough pay.

APA's position is that the MDA lawsuit was lost. They are wrong!! The MDA lawsuit was time barred from being heard due to manipulative activity by ALPA. All but two AAA MEC members testified at deposition that MDA was USAirways but that they were duped into believing it was something else.

AWA filed a lawsuit against USAPA and the merger committee quit. Then USAPA was disbanded leaving MDA with no fair representation.

The current East Merger Committee does not know or support that MDA was USAirways. The APA takes the same position as does the West. THAT LEAVES MDA WITHOUT FAIR REPRESENTION. APA has a federally mandated duty to provide that representation.

Lee Seham has asked for a seat at the table for MDA.  APA has not responded. A DFR is on the horizon. And letter G is as clear as it gets. APA is violating Letter G as well.

They are ignoring the situation so they will answer in court and this time it will not be time barred.

Fortunately we have the funds to press forward immediately. Some very well know names have joined the battleground in support of MDA.

MDA and CEL and all the East needs to get involved.

Look for confidential blind emails coming your way very soon. They will provide guidance on what to do. Do not taking this sitting down. Get up and fight for your rights. MDA was USAirways